From Lover To


in just 6 weeks

Put yourself in the top 0.1% of high performance Lovers, and Become a Babe-Magnet With Oozing Irresistible Energy.

From Lover To


in just 6 weeks

Put yourself in the top 0.1% of high performance Lovers,
and Become a Babe-Magnet With Oozing Irresistible Energy.

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For Single men Looking to Take their Dating Skills

to the next level

You are about to learn secrets about women that few other men know..

It's true that when you're a single guy dating women, the biggest thing you truly want is a great experience of intimacy with no stress... right?

You don’t want to be worrying about performance or not sure if she is actually even enjoying it. Anxieties can totally sabotage your enjoyment, and too often it does.

But it absolutely doesn’t need to be like this.

In fact, what you'll learn inside will cause you to be remembered with a smile for your elite love-making...

Did you know that there are simple techniques that you can use to understand both what your body is doing and how to create a deep energetic and physical connection that will leave her coming back for more?

By learning to understand energy (your own, your partners and the energy between you) you can take back control and get the intimacy that you both desire.

In just 6 short weeks you will develop skills that extend far beyond the bedroom, giving you focus and drive to become the optimum you...

with no manipulation or mind games, just a powerful self-love approach that will raise your confidence and your knowledge of female pleasure...

and help you transform into your true SuperLover!

what will you learn?

How would you like to find your lust for life and...

 Master your sexual energy

... So you are no longer controlled by urges

 Fall Madly in love with yourself

 ...As a tool to create magnetic attraction

 Flirting to create a magnetic connection

 ...So that you never get bored!

 master the art of seduction

 ...To Activate Deepest Desire

 Understand Female Sensuality

 ...To wake up her juicy nature!

 Learn the Activate her Pleasure Spots

 ...So She can experience a range of orgasms and squirting

enjoy your Journey of

Erotic & Sensual Exploration

Unleash Your Superlover...
become a master of the bedchamber
If you are a man wanting to master female pleasure, then you’re in the right place.

In this 6 week online program, you will learn how to become a Master of the Bedchamber and command energy at the touch of your finger.

The benefits will be felt far beyond your sex life. Your confidence and refined focus will ooze into every part of your life.

Learn The Secrets...
A unique chance for you to learn...
the secrets of tantric sexuality & taoist love-making techniques.

Jade is a one-of-a-kind expert who has studied, practiced and taught the taoist and tantric sexual arts for almost a decade.

She has put these ancient techniques into an easy to follow format that is applied to the life of modern urbanites and is perfect to integrate into your bedchamber.

Your coach
Jade Lotus
Tantra Educator And Teacher Of
The Taoist Sexual Arts

My job and passion is to help people to come into their sexual power. 

I have worked with thousands of men, women and couples to help them to overcome their blockages to sexual fulfilment.

For the first time, I have put this content into a simple step by step course, making available the secrets of Tantra, Tantric Massage and Taoist Bedroom Secrets.

listen to these testimonials from people just like you

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client experiences:

“Thank you so much! I feel a much deeper connection to my own pleasure and enjoying my body! Highly recommended for anyone on the journey of exploring their sexuality xxx”

Michael Charming:

Best-selling Author "Amplify Your Orgasm"

“I learnt so much from this course and wish I had known about few things earlier in my life. It’s nicely structured and covers important aspects like role of emotions in sex, reading woman’s body and the pleasure anatomy of women. Thank you for putting this together.”


“I’m really surprised there’s so much pleasure I didn’t even know about, this is seriously changed the way I touch myself, my partner, and now I ask to be touched…”

take a look at everything that's INCLUDED:

In 6 weeks you'll learn simple steps to unlock powerful erotic magnetism to keep you connected in your relationship, and develop skills from tantric massage to put you in the top 0.1% of lovers, so you can understand her energy, body and orgasms.. and become her king.

Week One
Self Mastery

Learn to make that a loving and harmonious relationship, through the power of breath which raises your sexual energy.

We will look at how importance self-love is for this process, and how to hack into your energy field and grow and abundance of it.

You will also learn how to turn your self-pleasure into a ritual that not just improves the size and strength of your erection, but puts you in control of your sexual energy, allowing you to overcome urges.

  • Your autonomic nervous system
  • ​Breathing for better sex
  • ​Self love for the superlover
  • ​Mastering your energy
  • ​Self-pleasuring to be a better lover
Week Two
the art of seduction

You will discover how great sex emanates from eye contact, and learn the art of connecting with others, something that you can use to benefit every interaction and relationship that you have.

Most importantly, you will have learned how to start to create a fun and pleasurable dynamic that builds up sexual energy is a way that will not be perceived as creepy, rather that creates a desire and longing on the part of the other for more of you.

  • Rekindling connection through your eyes
  • ​Read her body to know what she wants
  • Understand the energetics of love
  • ​Use playfulness to arouse
  • Seduction as an art and a pleasure
Week Three
The Art of Touch

Learn how to create magic and charisma around your touch that will draw in your beloved so she simply cannot get enough.

When we touch we transmit energy. Ever heard of reiki? Well, here you will learn sex reiki, how to transmit juicy and pleasurable energy to get the juices flowing relentlessly in the bedchamber.

You will also learn about the Art of Slow and the Art of Gentle. These are key to the few weeks when we will be learning about how to connect with the true magic of pussy pleasure.

  • Understand how to use touch for greatest effect
  • Transmit powerful energy through touch
  • ​Different styles of touch and what they do
  • The power of slow and gentle
Week Four
External Pleasure

In this week you will learn how to awaken female pleasure and juiciness, some tricks and tips to bring out the exquisite pleasure in the labia, and you will be introduced to the first female pleasure spot, the u-spot.

Each lesson includes explicit videos showing you exactly what these parts are and what to do with them. These are techniques from tantric massage that few men know of, even less can use.

Learn to use them... and you are a God in bed.

  • Effortless arousal
  • ​Erotic labia play
  • ​What to do, and not to do with her clit
  • ​Touch style and techniques
  • ​Get her natural juices flowing
Week Five
Penetration secrets

Learning how to penetrate is the difference between her having multiple orgasms and intense pleasure and it all being a bit of a let-down for her. 

You'll learn how to create a magnetic energy where she is literally begging for you, and with penetration, this is no exception.

You will learn how to literally get her vagina to suck you in. This is an essential trick from tantric massage, and once you learn it, the way you look at vaginas will never be the same again!

  • Understand how her pelvic floor works
  • ​Penetration as an art to amplify pleasure
  • ​How to activate the sucking reflex of her vagina
  • ​Tantric penetration techniques
Week Six
internal pleasure

Now it’s time to have fun with her internal pleasure. Learn how to find her pleasure spots and what to do with them.

Each one of the four internal pleasure spots has its own energy and sensation that you can learn to explore with different types of touch. Learn how to connect with their energy to seduce their magic.

There’s detailed descriptions of each spot, how to find it and what kind of touch to use to provoke their magic.

We also will look at female ejaculation, what it is, where it comes from and how to induce it.

  • G-spot stimulation and orgasms
  • ​The K-spot
  • ​A-spot stimulation
  • ​Cervical orgasms and massage
  • ​Female ejaculation
become an erotic connoisseur with
20 minutes a day

All it takes is dedicating a tiny amount of time each day to develop yourself into a superlover!

From self-mastery to seduction, foreplay to multiple orgasms, here is everything you need for your journey.

Step by step guideS
lessons made simple
written explanations
daily 'progress' quizzes

here's exactly what's included in the

lover to superlover


  • 6 Weeks Program: Lover to Superlover. Here you will develop the skills to become master of your energy and your relationship.
  • 5 Daily Lessons Per Week (Plus Bonuses): Learn the ancient taoist art of sexual mastery and how to enter tantric bliss.
  • Video Content, Written Explanations and Quizzes: So you can make sure that you are learning and making tangible progress.
  • Easy Step by step Explanations: Work through simple broken-down stages to get the results that you are looking for.
  • Learn The Erotic Secrets of Tantric Massage: Learn how to bring these skills to your beloved so she is begging for more.​
  • Master The Science of Energy & Connection: This is not about manipulation, rather it’s about using your natural energies to generate love and affection.
  • Immerse in Self-Mastery: Women are attracted to strong but gentle energy and you will learn to create this assured energy field to effortlessly seduce.

Normally: £2,500.00

Today's Price Only:



Put your mind at ease with these commonly asked questions from other students.

Is this program suitable for everyone?
This program is designed to be practiced by anyone over the age of 18 years. Any man who shares intimacy with women can benefit from it. It is laid out in easy to follow steps so even if you are a total flop right now with women, you can follow the steps and implement them for great results.

If you have any questions please do book a discovery call. For some people with conditions like premature ejaculation or simply who are looking for a deeper experience with their sexuality, I have another program which we could discuss on a call here
What Sexual Techniques are covered?
The program will teach you how to touch in such a way that you transmit irresistible energy. You will learn to activate pleasure spots on the womans body, including powerful energy meridians that activate her pleasure.

You also will learn the detailed points and techniques of stimulation of the outer vagina that are used by advanced practitioners of Tantric massage. You will also learn the Tantric penetration technique that amplifies both her pleasure and orgasms and your sensations.

Finally, you will gain a detailed knowledge of internal pleasure spots and how exactly to stimulate them. This includes the G-Spot, A-Spot, K-Spot and cervix.

You will learn through a combination of written text and instructional videos that shows you exactly how to effortlessly activate her pleasure.
Is there a payment guarantee?
Yes! There's a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you follow the course but fail to get results despite following the guidance, contact me to apply for your money back  Explain the problem and if the course is at fult, we will refund you.
Do I have to complete it in 6 weeks?
You can take as long as you like to complete the program. In fact, once that you have purchased, you have access for life. This means you can go back to any lessons and review at any time.
What if I struggle with Shyness?
It is easy to feel like shyness is a negative when it comes to dating. In truth, shyness is actually quite sexy and you can use it to create magnetic attraction. In the first week we remove the awkwardness from the shyness by changing our connection with our sexual energy and our bodies and learning to understand ourselves.

Later we learn the skills of connection so that you can learn to understand exactly what it is that creates a dynamic connection that invites reciprocation. Once you have these skills under your belt, you will have confidence to connect knowing that you have an incredible repertoire to offer her.
What if I have more questions?
If you've seen everything that's included but still want more information, you can quickly and easily book in a personal call with me here and I will help you get all the answers you need.
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